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Federal Profile Platform : eLearning Products and Services


biotechLAB has been designed to support the tailoring of already implemented materials to suit individual needs of students and teachers. Furthermore, using the CMS, every author can revise and extend the existing content, and develop new learning materials and activities based on the available software templates.
Product Type: Learning Content
Discipline: Sciences, Mathematics

-       help refresh previously acquired knowledge or compensate for any gaps

-       facilitate the selection of learning materials and activities which correspond to students’ specific needs (e.g. topic, level, author, time available for completion, type of activity)

-       recommend combinations of educational materials for selected topics

-       support in the planning, preparation, analysis and interpretation of hands-on laboratory experiments as well as in the modelling of dynamic systems

-       reinforce fundamental concepts of a scientific experimental approach in an application-oriented manner and time spent in the laboratory is put to more efficient use

Languages: English, German

Prof. Dr. Karin Kovar 

ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management

Grüental, Postfach

CH-8820 Wädenswil



Online Resources:
Teaching Scenario: project-oriented laboratory training in small groups, individual self-study and face–to-face lectures
Property Rights: free access to all materials developed with government funding

A fee is charged for continuing education courses supported by biotechLAB to contribute to the cost of the accompanying lectures and the necessary customisation of materials.


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