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Experience with SVC Projects
Pharma2: "A Success"
Anna-Barbara Utelli

(Cont. Salome Lichtsteiner, doctoral student and project coordinator, Anna-Barbara Utelli, current project coordinator)

Evaluation, Anna-Barbara Utelli
Anna-Barbara Utelli: "I took over coordination of the project in March 2003, at a time when the partners were going through a motivated phase. My arrival triggered a reflection phase: I asked some awkward questions. It seemed to me that there were quite a few inconsistencies. Running for prizes brought results in two ways. First, we had to define our project more accurately. Second, we were awarded the Basel University Innovation Prize and the Medida Prize."

"Secret of Success"
Framework/integration with teaching
Evaluation, Salome Lichtsteiner
Project outline "Pharmasquare"
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