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Project outline
  GITTA - Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance

Zurich University (Project Leader),
Fribourg University, ETH Zurich,
EPF Lausanne, FHBB, SUPSI,
KOGIS, Berne

Geographic information science and technology has been split into different areas in recent years. For numerous disciplines, it is now an indispensable tool for processing geographical data. The GITTA project sets out to integrate these separate strands into a single course of study.

The course has a modular structure with four levels: (1) Basic, (2) Intermediate, (3) Advanced and Case Studies. BASIC has been adopted by all the institutions involved with the project. INTERMEDIATE enables students to expand their basic knowledge. The ADVANCED modules contain special themes for the final stage of the course. CASE STUDIES provide in-depth, project-related work in relevant fields of application.

Implementation of GITTA is based entirely on XML technology.

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