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Gerontology: Psychiatric symptoms in older patients

This course offers students an interactive learning tool for understanding and practicing the diagnosis and treatment of psycho-neuro-geriatric symptoms in older patients. Multimedia content presentation creates a realistic scenario.

The chief pedagogical objectives are the following: active acquisition and application of knowledge and clinical skills, direct interpretation of the acquired information, focus on requirements which are difficult to practice by means of written case studies alone, and presentation of different degrees of difficulty to match the learning level of individual users. The use of actors as simulated/standardized patients opens up possibilities of presenting and following up with the findings of investigations and the successful treatments. GPS place emphasis on demonstrating psycho-neuro-geriatric symptoms in older patients, combined with interactive exercises for students on the diagnosis and treatment of these symptoms.

Tipo di prodotto: Scenario di corsi/apprendimento/insegnamento
Disciplina: Medicina, Farmacia
Temi: Psychiatric symptoms in older patients
Vantaggi: GPS will use the platform and e-community services available to AD Learn students and the Bio-Med Portal. The successfully implemented infrastructure for media production and presentation will be taken over from AD Learn and can be used by the production team for the new content and methods employed in GPS.
Lingue: inglese

Pascal Py

Division of Psychiatry Research

University of Zurich

Lenggstrasse 31

8029 Zürich
Risorse in linea: - For a Quick Tour of the Gerontopsychiatry eLearning resources, please use: Login: dUnizh and Password: demo from the eTraining portal.


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