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News Archive 2002

SVC Seminar "Field tests and sustainability of SVC projects"

This happening will be held on December 3 and 4 at the SNF/FNS in Bern.
The aim of the seminar is to offer a platform for discussion about the realisation of field tests of SVC projects and about future prospects for the implementation of these courses in the university curricula.
For more information, the registration form and the programme click here

Slides of Tony Bates are now available!.

Posted: Oct. 23, 2002


SVC at the "Lernfestival"

Swiss Virtual Campus was presented at the opening of the "Lernfestival" in Bern on september 5. Have a look at some pictures and read what it was like.

Posted: Sep. 09, 2002


New layout for "Fundamentals of Signals and Systems"

If you have time, have an eye on the Swiss Virtual Campus project "Internet Based Course on Fundamentals of Signals and Systems".
There's a new layout and two new chapters. Available in German and partly in English.

Posted: Aug. 22, 2002


Try SOMIT: New demo online

The Swiss Virtual Campus project "Sport Organisation Management Interactive Teaching" (SOMIT) has put a demo online: You can test one chapter of the course. Just go to and try the "demonstration". You'll get the password when resting a while with your mouse on the word "démonstration" (does NOT work with Netscape on MacIntosh ). The demo is available in French.

Posted: Aug. 19, 2002


Swiss Virtual Campus at the opening of the "Lernfestival" in Bern

Swiss Virtual Campus will be present at the opening of the "Lernfestival" on the morning of september 5 at the "Kursaal" in Bern.
Probably the following persons will be there:
Dr. Cornelia Rizek-Pfister, coordinator Swiss Virtual Campus
Dr. Rolf Brugger, Swiss Virtual Campus Technical Support & Consulting
Dr. Véronique Dasen, SVC project "Antiquit@s"
Dr. Johannes Nathan, SVC project "Art History" (Artcampus)
Dr. Gilles Borel, SVC project "Objective Earth"

Events of the "Lernfestival" will take place at several places in Switzerland from september 5 to september 15.
For more information about the "Lernfestival" go to

Posted: Aug. 16, 2002


Swissling showcase online: Test it!

Learning can be interactive fun. This shows the new launch of the SVC-projectsite "Swissling". Go for it and have a nose (no password necessary for the showcases).

Posted: Jul. 18, 2002


"No passive students": Talk with Bernard Levrat

He is one of the fathers of Swiss Virtual Campus and he wants the lectures with completely passive students to disappear: Bernard Levrat, president of the commission of the SVC and professor of information science. Read a talk with him (only available in French).

Posted: Jul. 14, 2002


SVC Project gets European

The SVC project "European Law online" is building up a new partnership with a range of European universities. The agreement was signed on June 27 by the University of Fribourg, acting as the leading house of the European Law online project (Universities of Bern, Neuchâtel, of Italian Switzerland and the Jean Monnet Foundation) and by the University Robert Schuman of Strasbourg, now leader of the so-called "French European Law online" project (which involves a.o. the Universities of Nancy and La Réunion). From the year 2003/2004 all these universities will be able to profit from the internet courses of each other.

Posted: Jul. 12, 2002


Computers as a tool for doctors

"With our project we want provide computers to students of medicine. And especially we want to avoid mistakes of doctors because of ignorance of computers". Says Vanya Loroch, coordinator of the SVC-project C4H (Computers for health). Read an interview with him (in French).

Posted: Jul. 11, 2002


Interview with SVC coordinator Cornelia Rizek-Pfister

There is a new publication on the internet concerning e-learning: To the interview
(Only available in German)

Posted: Jul. 10, 2002


SVC Goes Public!

Some of the Swiss Virtual Campus projects were presented to the media on April 18 in Bern. Read more on this event and have a look at pictures.

Posted: May. 17, 2002


Swiss Virtual Campus Days 2002, May 7/8, Lugano

The Swiss Virtual Campus Days took place on May 7/8, 2002, in Lugano, Switzerland, with a focus on the status of the SVC program and projects. They aimed at presenting the SVC to an interested public, and at enabling communication and the exchange of experience between SVC project teams.

Detailed information - Slides and documents

Posted: May. 01, 2002


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