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  History of Life

Lausanne University (Project Leader)
Geneva, Neuchâtel and Basel Universities

To be reconstructed and taught professionally, the history of life needs an interdisciplinary approach involving both palaeontologists and biologists. The aim here is to take a fresh look at the history of life by combining the biology of evolution with palaeontology/palaeoecology in a single course.

The course offers a step-by-step core learning process adapted to independent study at the Bachelor in Bio- and Geo-Sciences level. It will follow geological time from the origin of the universe to the present day and comprise general modules accompanied by more detailed Bio-and Geo-Modules, as well as appropriate glossaries and tables to provide scientific bases (cognitive side). A picture gallery, animations, animated models and videos will give students insight into the subjects studied (intuitive side).

History of life is not part of pre-university curricula in general, nor is it available from NTIC or on the Internet.

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