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A video-based, interactive learning system

Project ID: 4045

Project Leader

Prof. Beat Ernst
Institute of Molecular Pharmacy
Universität Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 50
4056 Basel

Project Coordinator

Matthias Vogelsang
Universität Basel
4056 Basel

Project Partners

Prof. Dario Neri
Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETHZ
Prof. Urs. T. Rüegg
School of Pharmacy, University of Geneva
Prof. Hanspeter Kraft
Depatment of Mathematics, University of Basle
Prof. Paul Doering
University of Florida


With the ViLab learning system, students can prepare virtually for complex lab methods, without using expensive laboratory resources and personal support by teachers. The focus is on close-to-reality implementation. The potential of digital media within the more than 100 experimental steps is optimally exploited by combining films, text, pictures, animations and interactive tools. Tips are given and tricks are shown by an experienced assistant. A web application controls each of the dynamically produced operational sequences, which permits a content contingent feedback. The concept is not limited to the preparation of pharmacy students for lab work. It is applicable to any practical process. Therefore it is planned to use ViLab in co-operation with external partners in various training and education areas. Characteristics: - Students can learn complex lab methods without using expensive laboratory resources and personal support by teachers. - More than 100 work procedures with text, pictures, film, animations and interactive tools are available. - Individual feedback is given by a “real-virtual” assistant. - A learning objective-oriented virtual laboratory, including a self-learning module for the theoretical background and extensive chemical glossary are integrated in the ViLab. - Vilab is embedded into the curriculum of the pharmaceutical sciences

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