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Project outline
ARGUMENTUM - E-course of Argumentation Theory for Human and Social Sciences

University of Lugano (Project Leader)
Neuchâtel, Geneva and Basel Universities
University Conference of Western Switzerland

Argumentum is a project concerning the theory of argumentation. It offers a range of autonomous courses (partially distance learning) adapted to various public needs. Each course focuses on applying the theory of argumentation in a particular environment: financial, pedagogical and intercultural communication, business argumentation, etc.

All are constructed from a repository of reusable pedagogical content, where material from different media will be stocked and made available to course writers. The course material will be structured on many different levels using conceptual-navigational maps. English, French, German and Italian translations will add to the quality of the project. The pedagogical objectives cover the acquisition of skills in the analysis, evaluation and production of argumentative texts, particularly in computer-based team environments.

As argumentative skills can be acquired more easily in a "learning-by-doing" environment, students will have access to various pedagogical and communication tools as well as examples and case studies.

A glimpse at the course
Overview "Social Sciences, Social Work"
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