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Project Outline
Antiquit@s: Virtuelle Einführung in die Alte Geschichte

Fribourg University (Project Leader),
Lausanne, Berne and Zurich Universities,
Librairie Droz S.A., Geneva

Modern historical research sees itself as the collective and continuous reconstruction of the past. An e-course is extremely well suited to conveying this type of approach

Antiquit@s encourages students to work from historical sources and make full use of extensive Internet databases (bibliographies, articles, maps and virtual reconstructions). The course deals with the period from the beginning of the advanced civilizations to the decline of the western Roman Empire. It consists of 14 modules and 6 methodological modules (epigraphy, archaeology, historiography, etc.).

Antiquit@s is available in German, French and Italian and is targeted primarily at all students of general history. Some of the modules can also be incorporated in basic training for medical students.

A glimpse at the course
Overview "History, Archaeology"
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