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Project outline
CRANIONLINE - Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery

Basel University (Project Leader)
Bern, Zurich and Geneva Universities
Business Partners: Didavis AG Hägendorf, Instruct AG Munich

Cranionline provides the teaching material for the area of masticatory apparatus surgery for the 4th and 5th years of dental medicine. Individual modules can be borrowed for 3rd and 6th-year students of human medicine. Cranio-maxillo-facial surgery in particular is dealt with in addition to theoretical fundamentals.

Problem-oriented frontal teaching is interspersed with virtual course modules. Lectures are digitally recorded and made available online to participants as a video stream, together with the presented Powerpoint charts. Demonstrations with patients take place interactively in frontal teaching, using 3D presentation technology. Students are also confronted with other patient cases which they have to work on in the online practice system. In addition, they do a virtual OP practical. The therapy is described with the help of digital video films and expert commentaries as well as illustrated texts and multimedia, animated teaching diagrams. The movies are shot from the operator’s viewpoint. A 360-degree panorama of the operating theatre gives participants the feeling that they are seeing the operations "live" on the spot.

Cranionline ends with a test for which credit points are awarded.

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