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Experiences with SVC projects
A web based course in medical Embryology:"Well thought out"
Nils Corson

Nils Corson, born 1983,
Medical student, Fribourg

"Personally, I liked the Web-based training course a lot. It was exactly how I would like to see other subjects taught: well thought out, well arranged, attractively designed, with expressive graphics as well as animations and movies that catch your imagination. I did not feel any lack of contact with the professor, because contact was there all the time in the shape of chatrooms, forums and emails. Fribourg University is well equipped with computers providing fast Internet access.

But not all my fellow students were as enthusiastic as me, far from it. Some are against e-learning altogether. Others complained that sitting in front of a computer monitor and reading from the screen for long periods made them tired. Probably they’d have been better off with a flat screen. In response to their complaints, the Web-based course was equipped with pdf files for people to make printouts.

Students often took part in chats in groups, with the fastest typist writing down the questions.
To sum up: I greatly enjoyed doing this Web-based training.”

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Project outline "Embryology"

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