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Project outline
  Short Course within the "Master in Plant Sciences" of the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC): Plant Responses to Stress. Knowledge and Research Practice

Zurich University (Project Leader)
ETH Zurich
Basel University

This is a teaching and research program in the field of stress research in plants. The course consists of 6 modules, which are handled in self-study and whose contents are checked by means of compulsory tests. Students must pass the course before they can take part in a subsequent group seminar on the subject in the new Master’s study program "Plant Sciences".

Course modules 1-4 are knowledge modules and provide the basics of plant sciences in compact form. Students must acquire this knowledge through self-study on the Internet. Course modules 5-6 convey skills and enable students to become familiar with the methods of practical scientific work (planning an experiment, data acquisition and evaluation, discussion of results).

The self-study is followed up by a group seminar with Internet events and other events in Zurich or Basel, where students apply the knowledge they have acquired to explore the subject on a deeper scientific level.

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