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According to the Federal Council’s message, the Swiss Virtual Campus will be run by the existing Swiss University Conference and taken over by the new SUC when that comes into operation.

Two bodies have been set up to prepare and implement the whole programme: the Swiss Virtual Campus Commission and the Swiss Virtual Campus Steering Committee. The creation of two supervisory bodies will ensure that there is close contact with universities, which is essential for the success of the programme, and that the proposals submitted will receive an impartial assessment by recognised specialists.

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The main responsibilities of the institutions are as follows:

The Swiss University Conference (SUC) is responsible for the programme. As determined by the federal resolution, the SUC makes the final decision on financing of projects and mandates recommended by the Steering Committee and approves the financial plan developed by the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for the implementation of the programme. It evaluates the incoming proposals, selects which will be supported and negotiates the financing of the individual projects and mandates.

Management is under control of the secretariat of the SUC. It is responsible for all organisational questions and monitors the progress of the programme in general as well as of each individual project and mandate. At the request of the Steering Committee, it prepares the programme progress and financial reports.

The Commission has prepared the call for proposals. It establishes contacts with interested parties from the university, cantonal, federal, and business communities.

The universities of applied sciences (UAS) and the Swiss federal institutes of technology (SFIT) are completely integrated within the programme, and are appropriately represented in the Steering Committee.

The Federal Office for Education and Science (FES) is responsible for controlling, progress and financial reporting, and auditing the Swiss Virtual Campus programme. It establishes appropriate guide and hands down decrees.

A progress report and a financial report must be submitted annually. The 2002 annual report will serve an important purpose not only as an interim report on the programme but also as part of the next message on promoting education, research and technology. The final report serves as a basis for the third phase; it will include an evaluation in the form of an analysis of the impact of the programme and enable the Swiss University Conference to draw conclusions concerning the Swiss Virtual Campus programme and make recommendations to the decision-making bodies in the field of education. It is planned to organise a public event to mark the end of the project.

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