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Experience with SVC Projects
Pharma2: "Ein Erfolg "
Salome Lichtsteiner,
Anna-Barbara Utelli

(Cont. Salome Lichtsteiner, doctoral student and project coordinator,
Anna-Barbara Utelli, current project coordinator)

"Secret of Success"
Anna-Barbara Utelli: "The commitment and interest of the lecturers in integrating new technologies into the teaching are crucial for the success of a project."

Salome Lichtsteiner:
"The e-learning components must be keyed to the lectures. What is also important is that the students are integrated by being able to provide feedback and playing an active role in the project as diploma candidates or trainees. This boosts acceptance of the virtual learning environment among the students.
Team structure is another vital aspect: members should have some experience in e-learning. There needs to be at least one interlocutor with the relevant skills."

Framework/integration with teaching
Evaluation Salome Lichtsteiner
Evaluation Anna-Barbara Utelli
Overview "experiences"
Project outline "Pharmasquare"

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