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Project outline
  Postgraduate Courses in a Hybrid Classroom using Mobile Communication

University of Applied Sciences Berne (Project Leader),
University of Applied Sciences Solothurn, Northwestern Switzerland,
HTA Fribourg, Swisscom Mobile, Nokia, Monec

Interactive learning with less frontal teaching is eminently suitable for the two postgraduate courses "IT and Telecommunications" and "Automation Technology".

Students (practising engineers and IT specialists) benefit from intensive knowledge sharing among themselves and with the tutors. Thanks to mobile communication platforms, learning is possible despite constraints in terms of location and time due to work commitments.

Postgraduate Courses in a Hybrid Classroom using Mobile Communication is a programme comprising three course cycles. The first cycle covers a theory- and software-oriented area (computer security and cryptology), the second is of a more practical nature with integrated lab work (automation) and the third deals with the latest developments in broadband communications technology.

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