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VITELS 2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks

«First of all, it is a major achievement that the course modules developed in VITELS were accepted and valued by the students. Jointly with our partners, we developed a generally accepted technical and didactic basis with which all partners could identify. Each partner is aware that cooperation and the shared use of the learning modules are to the advantage of all partners. This meant that all partners were able to identify with the course.

A major advantage with VITELS was that the course developers have the appropriate expertise, i.e. in the field of computer communications and computer networks, as well as the knowledge of computer science needed to develop animation graphics, web pages, course administration systems etc.

Stumbling blocks
The need to find a common understanding with regard to the course structure and the technological base was not sufficiently recognised right at the start of the project. The development of a guideline, accepted by all parties about the didactic and graphic design of course modules simplified the further development of course modules considerably.

The technical effort required to administer the course modules, particularly with regard to authentication and authorisation of course participants, as well as the reservation of resources for their exclusive use, is considerable. The individual modules have to be developed on a continuous basis. However, it has been shown that, compared with administering traditional lectures with blackboard exercises and the correction of hand-written exercise sheets, the effort does not increase. In fact, the practical elements represent a gain for students, which translates into a corresponding number of additional credit points. Here, the cooperation between partners and a sharing of the maintenance and development tasks is helpful.»

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2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks
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