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Project outline
Develop your practical skills in biotechnology

University of Applied Science Zurich (ZFH), Waedenswil (Project Leader); Institute of Biotechnology, ETHZ; Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), Duebendorf; Biozentrum, University of Basle; IMSV University of Bern; PI University of Zurich; Swiss BioteCHnet

Biotechnology teaching imparts up-to-date industry-relevant contents, encourages the networking of biological and technical knowledge in process-oriented thinking and constitutes a link between the student’s own research measurement data and theory.

Within the context of hybrid learning arrangements, the project partners draw up/create teaching modules for the planning, preparation, implementation, evaluation and interpretation of laboratory trials. Basic concepts of scientific work are explored in depth with a view to practical application, and time spent in the laboratory is used more effectively. The course design is based on a cyclical and/or logical sequence of interactive learning objects, in which explorative, project-oriented learning in teams is encouraged. Learning contents are assembled flexibly from a database with standardized, reusable learning objects. This technical concept makes it possible to prepare teaching materials by means of cross-media publishing and update them rapidly.

The quality of the new course offering is assured by an advisory board and evaluated in Switzerland and abroad with the help of various user groups.

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