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Project outline
  Epidemiology, Internet course for Swiss Medical Students and for Public Health Training

Basel University (Project Leader)
Zurich, Lausanne, Bern and Geneva Universities
Swiss Institute of Tropical Medicine

Epidemiology is the basis of public health training. The teaching of epidemiological concepts is particularly suited to an Internet course if it is possible to import data from national databases and if, as proposed here, a link can be established to the statistical applications and learning content of the existing Basics of Medical Statistics (BOMS) course. Epidemiology is taught at all five medical faculties in Switzerland and is also offered as part of the Master of Public Health post-graduate program. This is why the Internet course is being developed in both German and French.

The course will benefit from the experience gained with the specific tracking systems developed in the BOMS project and from the virtual tutor. Furthermore, it can form the basis for credit points at various levels in medical studies.

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