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Nicephor[e]: 3) Evaluation


Nicephor[e] proposes a basis of structured resources to create on-line courses according to each present or future need of different institutions. “The development challenge was to fit the system’s architecture to the creation of number of different courses given by different institutions” comments Julien Furrer. The result of this development is a system where each institution can:

  • Create content into a CMS in the desired language. This content can be shared with others institutions.
  • Choose learning scenarios (blended learning or full distant learning).
  • Create courses or adapt existing ones to its needs with the appropriate LMS for different level of assistance: Bachelor, Master, or continuing education programs.

Legend: The system allows the creation and use of a number of courses by different institutions sharing the same content resource.

Two of the on-line courses have been assessed in 2006 using a protocol combining structured interviews, on-line questionnaires and student tracking tools. The evaluation provides very good evidence of how well the course is integrated within the ex-cathedra teaching, enhancing their levels of understanding by offering flexible, interactive and attractive means of approaching complex material. The on-line course has been heavily used and offers a reply to their needs of consolidating their knowledge outside the university campus.

“To promote the project to the international community, we had the chance to have a scientific publication about Nicephor[e] in Forensic Science International and to present the project at the 2006 European Academy of Forensic Science Meeting” adds Romain Voisard, coordinator of the project.

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