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Project outline
E-GONE - Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Neonatology, Endocrinology

Zurich University (Project Leader),
Bern, Basel and Lausanne Universities

The E-GONE project is aimed at developing e-learning content in gynaecology for medical students in the third to sixth year of their course, so that they can prepare for lectures and tutorials, thoroughly explore specialized subjects interactively, conduct discussions online, have quick access to the binding rules set out in the Swiss Catalogue of Learning Objectives and assess their progress themselves using interactive exercises.

Implementation of E-GONE covers four main areas: rich media content, seamless notebook, interactive exercises and check questions as well as moderated online forums plus inquiries with feedback from experts. Both disease-centered and symptom-oriented approaches will be necessary for the course to be integrated with the curricula of all partner faculties.

Course content in E-GONE is based on modules and designed for further distribution. Content for three units has to be newly developed. The gynaecology unit can draw on the content and experience of the ICT "VAM-Gyn" project initiated by the University Hospital of Zurich.

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