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Colour: 2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks


«In the process of implementing the project, the three design schools, working with the support centre, have moved from the very general description of the methodology for online tools for blended learning that was in the project application towards a range of didactic aids that can be used effectively, on the one hand, in the specific setting of teaching art and design and, on the other hand, by students outside of term-time to prepare for, or get help with, projects. It means that a basic goal of the project, which is to relieve pressure during the semester without affecting the subject of colour, has been successfully achieved.

The revision of the scientific content, in close cooperation with specialists, and its multi-media design, have produced didactic visualisations that go beyond the original project goals of seeing effective visualisation as a means of solving communication problems.

Thanks to their immediate didactic impact and their visual appeal, the first interactive applications with processing were given a positive rating in the first interim audit (November 2005).

Stumbling blocks
Different didactic approaches by the partner institutions, and the challenge of creating well-designed Web tools and methods for courses with a traditionally strong element of support and discussion, as well as curricula that stress experience and individual study, have led to ‘teething problems’ in this project, too, in the first six months. Gaining an understanding of the different roles of design, and consequently achieving the right distribution of tasks between Instructional Design and Communication Design, both at the technical and the didactic level, presented another challenge. But these challenges have been successfully tackled, and have had the positive effect of developing a new understanding between the partners. They will no doubt make future communication and cooperation considerably easier.»

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2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks
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