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Experiences with SVC-projects
VITELS: 1) The main evaluation results

Torsten Braun, Project Leader
(from the left to the right: Thomas Bernoulli, Thomas Staub, Torsten Braun)

«Overall, students at the universities of Bern, Fribourg and Neuchatel responded very positively to the course content. Student evaluations conducted on an ongoing basis contributed to the continuous development of the course. The practice-oriented approach in particular, which supplemented the theoretical contents, was very well received. Students also valued the flexibility with regard to place, time and speed of working. In addition, they rated the didactic structure, as well as the graphics and animations included in the course contents, as positive. The didactic structure, which was developed in co-operation with TECFA / Geneva, had to be adapted in line with the students’ feedback. It was found that this feedback played a major role in developing a course. Another important finding was that it is clearly desirable to develop a course that is graphically appealing, although criteria such as ease of use and robustness of the software are of much greater importance».

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1) Evaluation
2) Recipe for success, Stumbling blocks
3) Integration within teaching
4) Outlook

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