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Experience with SVC Projects
Pharma2: "A Success"
Das Pharma2-Team

(Cont. Salome Lichtsteiner, doctoral student and project coordinator,
Anna-Barbara Utelli, current project coordinator)

Framework/integration with teaching
The project is aimed primarily at 5th to 7th semester students of pharmaceutical sciences in Zurich and Basel. Parts of it are also suitable for beginners in the 1st to 4th semesters as well as students of other scientific disciplines.

Each module is regularly adapted to the related lectures and updated to reflect the latest developments in the field. This is a cost factor.

Neuch‰tel University withdrew from the project at the beginning of 2004 because of structural changes.

Evaluation, Salome Lichtsteiner
Evaluation, Anna-Barbara Utelli
"Secret of success"
Project outline "Pharmasquare"

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