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Project outline
  ALPECOLe: Alpine Ecology and Environments

Zurich University (Project Leader),
Basle and Berne Universities,
ETH Zurich,
WSL Birmensdorf, SLF Davos,
Bündner Natur-Museum, Chur

The ALPECOLe consortium, a collaboration between renowned Swiss research and educational institutions, constitutes a unique centre of expertise.

The course allows students around the globe to acquire specific knowledge of alpine ecology on their own and use it to prepare themselves for field courses in alpine regions. Along with basic theory, the 28 lessons contain components and links enabling students to further explore given themes. For example, students can embark on Virtual walks, and explore different mountainous terrains, to train their powers of observation in a natural environment.

This is a multidisciplinary course that can also be taught using individual modules or lessons. It is particularly suited for students of the natural and environmental sciences, biology, geography and the geosciences.

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