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Project outline
Finalist Medida-Prix 2003 artcampus

Berne University (Project Leader),
Neuchâtel and Freiburg Universities,
Abroad: Marburg University, Germany, New York University, USA,
Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany

The artcampus project develops an online introduction to the study of art history. The course teaches the most important skills needed for this discipline: image analysis, dealing with specialist literature, methodical thinking and the drafting of scientific texts.

The teaching modules present the most important stages in the history of western art, from the early Renaissance to the present day. Interactive exercises make it easier for students to absorb the course contents. Learning games with real-life scenarios build the first bridges to future professional life.

The course is accompanied by a publicly accessible forum with a comprehensive studies guide, a preselected mailing list, an events calendar, links to providers of practical training programmes and relevant job offers.

A glimpse at the course
Overview "Humanities, Liberal Arts, Art Studies"
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