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Biomedical sciences teaching modules

Project ID: 991048
Project outline
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Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Pierre J. Magistretti
Fac. de Médecine/Physiologie
Université de Lausanne
Rue du Bugnon 7
1005 Lausanne

Project Coordinator

Fabrice Holzer
Centre des Technologies pour l'Enseignement et la Formation (CENTEF)
Université de Lausanne
Château de Dorigny
1015 Lausanne

Project Partners

Prof. Dr. M.R. Celio
Histologie, Université de Fribourg
Prof. Dr. B. Desvergne
Biologie moléculaire, Université de Lausanne
Dr. B. Zaerpour
Université de Lausanne
Prof. Dr. A. Borbély
Pharmakologie, Universität Zürich


This project aims at developing a computer-based learning and tutorial system in the biomedical sciences. The system will consist of hypertex/hyperimage individual modules which can be linked to each other or be used separately. The principal applicant and three co-applicants (AB, MRC and BZ) have already produced this kind of interactive modules.

The modules will also include animations, simulations, auto-assessment programs as well as a set of simple tools which allow the instructors to prepare questions, practical cases for problem-based learning as well as student assessment programs.

A managing program that allows the instructors to access an on-line assessment of the course and students status will be an integral part of the system.

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