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BEPI: Basic Epidemiology, elektronischer Epidemiologie-Kurs für Medizinstudenten und für die Public Health Weiterbildung

Background: „Basic Epidemiology", which is supported by the Swiss Virtual Campus SVC, imparts the fundamentals of Epidemiology based on a blended learning tool. It consists of ten Modules, covering the content of the catalogue of learning objectives in Social and Preventive Medicine for the MD education. Each Module starts with a realistic example which clarifies the point and meaningfulness of the learning objectives. Users are familiarised with the epidemiological frame of thought and national data sources through different case studies which relate to Switzerland as far as possible. The content is not limited to clinical Epidemiology alone, but also considers the population wide approach and aspects of public health.
Produkttyp: Kurs/Lern/Lehr-Szenario
Disziplin: Medizin, Pharmazie, Gesundheit
Vorteile: Aims and description: Users / Students will at the end of the course be able to perform study critiques and to evaluate study-design to address specific research questions. In contrast to a textbook or lectures the questions in this blended learning course are answered individually and feedback will be given through a virtual tutor. In this manner wrong answers are commented on with a hint leading to the right answer or an indication to repeat a certain chapter. Different kinds of games and short video sequences giving word to some famous epidemiologists increase users’ motivation and their interest in Epidemiology. Each Module also contain different exercises, mnemonic sentences and the respective learning objectives. In addition, the course offers a glossary, links to important data sources and literature lists. This e-learning course can be used independently of visiting lectures or group-discussions; however it will be implemented into many university and SSPH+ and other MAS programs. The Modules result from teamwork with specialists in Epidemiology from different Universities – thereby a widespread use of the course is guaranteed. As a French version appears parallel with the German one the University of Lausanne plays an important role in this project.
Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch
Kontakt: Marco WaserUniversität
++41 (0)61 270 2228
++41 (0)61 267 6066
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