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Project outline
  Foundations of Information Systems

Zurich University (Project Leader)
Lausanne, Bern and St. Gallen Universities
Basel University of Applied Sciences, Ecademy

There is a lack of good learning structures for business informatics. The Foundations of Information Systems project is aimed at improving this situation by developing learning modules with different degrees of difficulty.

As an introduction to informatics also forms part of the curriculum of other faculties (e.g. humanities), students in these faculties can also benefit. A suite of learning modules is intended to enhance the quality of lectures. First, the modules make it possible to step up contacts between lecturers and sub-groups in frontal lectures. The other students work with e-learning tools. Second, the material can be better tailored to the needs of students of economics. Third, many themes in this area are very well suited to online learning. Interactive use of software is particularly important in this connection.

Participating universities will use the learning units in their compulsory Bachelor lectures as an introduction to business economics, or replace existing courses completely with this project.

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