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SVC Information Day 2001: Posters

Hardcopy Posters

Project Nr.  Poster Title Contact email
  Authentication in distributed SVC projects
991015 Dozieren Sie Statistik?
991017 DOIT - Dermatology online with interactive technology
991028 Objective Earth, a Planet to discover
991036 Do It Your Soil
991043 Virtual Internet TElecommunications Laboratory of Switzerland (VITELS)
991050 e-learning Propädeutik (Basic course in Medicine and Pharmacology)
991061 Signale und Systeme
200156 Virtual Learning Environment for Students in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Electronic Posters

Project Nr. 

Poster Title  
991002 Virtual Nanoscience Laboratory
991011 General Chemistry Project
991015 Basics of Medical Statistics
991018 (Sport Organisation Management Interactive Teaching)
991023 Dealing with natural hazards and risks
991031 European Law Online
991036 Do it your soil
991037 Methodological Education for the Social Sciences
991042 Dynamic Systems
991043 Virtual Internet TElecommunications Laboratory of Switzerland (VITELS)
991048 eBioMED : a PBL environment for biomedical sciences
991053 Using maps as conceptual and navigational tools in SWISSLING
991054 Forum New Learning ninck@hta-be,
200107 H Bridge (Power Electronics)
200116 Antiquit@s- Ancient history learning project


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