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Experiences with SVC-Projects
ANTIQUIT@S: 1) Evaluation
Marcel Piérart

Prof. Marcel Piérart Project leader

Sandrine Ducate

Dr Sandrine Ducaté-Paarmann Coordination - maintenance

Prof. Marcel Piérart, project leader

«We had planned to elaborate 2 introductory modules covering several periods, 3 methodological modules and 14 subject-related modules in French and German. This goal was to a large extent reached by the end of the first project in December 2003. Since that time we improved the content and the user friendliness of the website. The pedagogical evaluations showed that this type of teaching was successfully integrated into the study subject. The students were willing to use the new technologies within their history studies, on the one hand because of the individual and flexible way of learning and on the other because it involved working with the digital media. Furthermore, this type of teaching allows a better handling of the steadily growing number of students in our universities, sometimes the lecture halls are crowded by more than 100 students. Thanks to e-learning we formed working groups with a limited number of participants (between 20 and 30), where students can work on an interactive basis. This way it is easier for the lecturers to supervise their students and meet their individual needs».

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1) Evaluation
2) Recipe for success, stumbling blocks
3) Integration within teaching
4) Outlook
Overview "experiences"
Project outline "ANTIQUIT@S"

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