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Project outline
  eSCENARIO: A scenario based problem solving course in natural hazard and risk assessment

ETH Zurich (Project Leader)
EPF Lausanne
Federal. Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research Davos (SLF)
Bern University
Geotest AG Davos

e-SCENARIO is a new teaching platform focusing on an integral approach to natural hazards and the relevant risk management. It is based on interactive analysis of a synthetic case study which familiarizes students with the various steps involved in a hazard and risk analysis, and renders the interactions between different process areas clearly intelligible.

The pedagogical concept of e-SCENARIO differs fundamentally from the conventional lecture concept and previous e-learning programs in this subject area. Text-based learning modules are replaced by animation graphics and interactive tasks which show the greatest natural hazards as they really are. If students do not know the important interrelationships and make wrong decisions, this has repercussions in the virtual world.

The relevant expert knowledge required to deal with dangerous natural processes can be enhanced by the SVC NAHRIS project. The e-SCENARIO platform thus serves as a link between the various process areas, offering interdisciplinary training dedicated to the integral approach to natural hazards.

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