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  CartouCHe - Cartography for Swiss Higher Education

ETH Zurich (Project Leader)
Zurich University
Basel University of Applied Sciences

Hardly any other sub-area of geomatics and geography has changed so radically in the past ten years as cartography. After a first transition from analog to digital production methods for printed maps in the early 1990s, the change in publishing media is one of the greatest challenges facing cartography today.

The CartouCHe project is aimed at strengthening the leading international role of Swiss cartography by offering a comprehensive overview of the new multimedia cartography field on CD-ROM, Web environments and portable devices. The three main modules and subject areas are multimedia maps, mobile cartography using Location Based Services (LBS), and map-related 3D cartography. CartouCHe will rely on the conceptual and technical infrastructure of the GITTA project and develop it further, in order to meet both the specific requirements of the discipline and pedagogical standards. The CartouCHe modules will be used in a blended learning setting at Switzerland’s three leading institutions of higher education, which offer courses in multimedia cartography.

CartouCHe will consist of 15 lessons, equivalent to 3 ECTS credit units.

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