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Project outline
Hear and See! A Media Memory Project

University of Lugano USI (Project Leader)
Fribourg, Bern and Neuchâtel Universities
Lucerne School of Art + Design
Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation for Italian Switzerland

The Hear and See project will be developing a hybrid course to analyse audio-visual content in various historical, institutional and cultural contexts.

The course modules will be integrated into communications and media science courses on such subjects as the history and sociology of mass communication, and the history of radio and television. Audio-visual documents will be used, as well as tools for their de- and re-construction. The course will therefore give a new slant to university teaching in this field, moving away from a largely passive and theoretical approach in a classroom environment to a hands-on approach in which students will learn by working directly on original documents.

The project has been developed by four communications and media sciences institutions, with the help of the USI support centre for the technical aspects, and the Lucerne School of Art + Design for the graphics. The necessary documents will be provided by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation’s radio and television archives.

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