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About the Swiss Virtual Campus

The Swiss Virtual Campus is a programme of the Swiss Confederation entitled under the 1999 Swiss Federal Law on University Development to support new information and communication technology in higher education.

Programme contents: Goals

The Swiss Virtual Campus programme is part of a process aimed at promoting the information society in Switzerland as well as enabling education - in particular higher education - to take advantage of the opportunities now available through new information and communication technology.

In this respect the programme hopes to provide students with a virtual mobility that will enable them to play an active role in learning processes and follow high-quality courses on their computer monitors.

Principal aim
The principal concrete aim of the programme is to develop accessible teaching modules through the Internet for basic and specialised study programmes, particularly for subjects that attract large numbers of students. It is not intended to support courses that are mise-à-niveau, refresher or continuing education courses.

Support centres
However, to cater for the specific needs of the universities of applied sciences, projects in which they are involved may also involve continuing education, or develop a range of services in the field of didactics and virtual teaching methods, as well as help to set up educational, technical and ergonomic support centres.

Informations about the Consolidation Programme and Third Call for Proposals


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