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Project outline
  Nano-World - The Virtual Nanoscience Laboratory
Basle University (Project Leader),
University of Applied Sciences of both Cantons of Basle, SUPSI Manno, ETH Zurich, Freiburg University,
Berne University, Dresden University, Nanosurf AG, Liestal,
CSEM, Neuchâtel, Maurice E. Müller Institute, Basle

The multidisciplinary field of nanoscience draws on chemistry, physics and biology to investigate phenomena at the atomic and molecular level.

The Nano-World e-course lets students conduct three virtual experiments based on current research. As in a flight simulator, they find out how to handle new methods and instruments. They learn how atoms can be made visible, deduce physical properties from the tests and become familiar with the measuring processes.

Nano-World is aimed at first-year students of physics and students of other disciplines who are taking an introductory course on practical physics.

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