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Consolidation Program

The Swiss Virtual Campus project will be pursued in 2004-2007 with a Consolidation Program. This will be financed by project-linked contributions in accordance with the Universities Promotion Law (UFG). The Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology and the universities of applied science are participating in the programme with their own funds. At its meeting of 16 October 2003, the Swiss University Conference (SUC) approved the "2004-2007 Implementation Plan", which lays down the organizational and financial framework of the Consolidation Programme for the new financial period. Basically, the Consolidation Programme reaffirms the aims of the Impulse Program. A certain number of adjustments have been made to take account of the experience gained so far, and to position the Program better within the context of ongoing trends in higher education. They concern project finance and development, as well as program organization. The Consolidation Program involves four main financial aspects:

  • Competence, service and production centres in each university
  • Use and maintenance of projects developed
  • New course development
  • Services for universities and coordination

Since 2004, operational programme management and the coordination office have been overseen by the Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities (CRUS). Competence, service and production centres at each university receive financial support. The SVC Commission was wound up at the end of 2003.

Project Maintenance Support
The Swiss Virtual Campus Consolidation Program (2004-2007) gives funding for the use and maintenance of courses of recognised quality (see document below “Execution Plan”). The Competence-, Service- and Production Centres (CCSP) will be responsible for the maintenance funds, in close collaboration with the project leader and partners. Maintenance measures must be coordinated and agreed on between the project leader and the CCSP.
Please find below the "Criteria for Project Maintenance" and the official "Application Form".
Please note: Universities of Applied Sciences cannot apply for Project Maintenance Support.

List of documents

  • Ausführungsplan and Anhang (basic documents for Universities in German)
    “Ausführungsplan” (pdf, 10 pages, 180KB)
  • Plan d’éxecution and annexe (basic documents for Universities in French)
    “Plan d’exécution” (pdf, 10 pages, 150KB)

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