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Experience with SVC Projects
Pharma2: "A Success"
Salome Lichtsteiner

Salome Lichtsteiner, doctoral student and project coordinator,
Anna-Barbara Utelli, current project coordinator

Evaluation: Salome Lichtsteiner
Salome Lichtsteiner: „Looking back, the project was a success. We have won prizes for it. The students use the modules and appreciate them. This confirms that we’re on the right track. At the beginning, it was all a bit erratic. Coordination between the partners, technical development and team building were difficult. The main task, in my view, was content and didactic development. Setting the goals with the partners was not easy. We had different target groups. To start with, the team was too small. I was almost on my own, the project simply wasn’t getting off the ground. It was hard finding properly qualified people. Once the team had been put together, things started moving. We took expert advice on didactics. On the technical side, we found a good solution in collaboration with the Institute of Information Technology at Basel University: an SML-based learning environment. This lets us build up a test system with questions, which offers more flexibility than a commercial platform.“

Evaluation Anna-Barbara Utelli
"Secret of Success"
Framework/integration with teaching
Overview "experiences"
Project outline "Pharmasquare"

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