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Project outline
Ecology in Architecture Design (EAD)

University of Lugano (Project Leader)
Geneva University
Universities of Applied Sciences of Zurich, Italian-speaking Switzerland and Eastern Switzerland
University of Applied Sciences in Engineering and Architecture

The Ecology in Architecture Design (EAD) project will be developing a hybrid course on the integration of ecological aspects in architectural projects, for both individual buildings and the planning of built environments.

The course is designed for university, FIT and UAS students in architecture and the engineering sciences. An e-learning environment will give students more direct experience in case studies (through virtual visits) and, with the use of simulation software, the opportunity to test the effect of different architectural choices on the ecological parameters of a building. The Central Switzerland University of Applied Sciences will be integrating the EAD project into the activities of the National Network of Excellence in Construction Technologies and the Brenet renewable energy program (

The modular format of the course plus a considerably reduced frontal teaching timetable will give students greater flexibility and facilitate the transposition of chosen modules for further training in architecture and engineering. This is especially important as the subject was not part of these curricula a few years ago.

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