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Kurze Projekt-Präsentation
E-MHEM E-course in Management for Masters in Health Economics and Management

    University of Lugano USI (Project Leader)
    Lausanne University
    Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur,
    University of Applied Sciences of Italian-speaking Switzerland
    Bocconi School of Management, Milan,
    Numerous business partners from the healthcare sector

    The E-MHEM project is aimed at developing a set of e-learning elements to be incorporated in management courses for companies operating in the healthcare sector. This multifunctional project provides for a continuous training platform (E-MHEM Virtual Community), which will assemble cases, problems and solutions that arise during implementation. A network of potential users already exists, thanks to the experience gained by the partner universities.
    The specific objectives are as follows:
    • joint use of distributed resources to improve the training courses in health management offered by individual universities,
    • better access to complex teaching material through the use of multimedia systems,
    • development of supporting elements for distance learning courses and introduction of new didactic concepts by creating a special environment for exercises, discussions and joint learning,
    • strengthened coordination and integration of Master programs in health economics and management, in order to underpin the existing network and promote the exchange of information, experience and best practice,
    • elimination of problems in transferring content relating to the practical training of health care personnel,
    • a dynamic system for evaluation of training efficiency, in contrast to the system used in the traditional approach to training.
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