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  FABEL: Fallbasierte Einführung zu e-Learning

School of Technology and Computer Science Bern (Project Leader)
Bern and Fribourg Universities
School of Technology and Business Chur

A decisive factor in the success of media-aided teaching is the availability of practical courses to provide high-quality training for teachers. The FABEL project delivers the theoretical and practical basics of media-aided teaching in a blended learning setting geared to modern principles of case-based and situated learning, in order to avoid dull presentations.

Course participants acquire the basic knowledge necessary for successful media-aided teaching by dealing with complex, realistic cases. The extensive experience gained over many years of counselling teachers in the didactics of media-based courses can be drawn upon to construct these cases. At the end of the course, participants are confronted with a concrete project to develop themselves: they have to apply the newly acquired knowledge directly to their own teaching. Initially, they are given more structuring aids and tasks when dealing with the cases. Course participants work and learn individually and in groups with the help of new technologies.

A Web platform is employed for presenting case studies and tasks. The necessary basic knowledge is made available online through a document management system which enables users to retrieve dynamically generated knowledge queries.

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