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Experience with SVC Projects

Nicephor[e]: 4) Outlook


“The modularity of the course material allows for building up training programmes for varied and wider potential audiences: BSc, MSc, and continuing education. For example, the ESC has a long tradition of offering continuing education programmes to scientists working for forensic services in Switzerland and abroad. It is planned that by 2007, the ESC will be able to offer a full workshop in forensic photography using Nicephor[e], mostly in a distant learning setting” comments Romain Voisard.

“The next challenge will be to develop more elaborated pedagogical scenarios allowing an enhanced interaction between tutors and students. For example, to increase the use of the potential of learning management systems or to encourage the use of images based casework in the learning process” concludes Romain Voisard.

Romain Voisard, project manager, Julien Furrer, IT specialist, Christophe Champod project leader Nicephor[e].


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2) Integration within teaching
3) Evaluation
4) Outlook
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Project outline "Nicephor[e]"

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