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Project ID: 4063

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. med Michael J. Mihatsch
Institute für Pathologie
Universität Basel
Schönbeinstrasse 40
4125 Basel

Project Coordinator

Project Partners

Prof. Dr. Holger Moch
Institut für Pathologie, University of Zurich
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schaffner
Institut für Pathologie, University of Berne
Porf. Dr. Horst Nizze
Institut für Pathologie, University of Rostock
Prof. Dr. Arndt Hartmann
Institut für Pathologie, University of Regensburg
Dr. Med. Heinz Kutzner
Dermatohistopathologische Gemeinschaftspraxis
Prof. Dr. Dirk Ruiter
European Board of Pathology
Dr. Edouard-Jean Stauffer
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Pathologie,


Histologic and cytologic preparations form an integral part of pathology education from basic training to continuing education. At all levels of education the provision of adequate reference material poses a problem. In particular, from small biopsies and cytologic material only very few representative slides can be produced. This problem can be circumvented by virtual slides i.e. fully digitized histologic and cytologic preparations that can be investigated microscopically over the internet by an unlimited number of students. Main objectives of PathoPedia: - Development of an open access online atlas with premium quality histologic and cytologic reference slides for a visually oriented discipline. - Provision of learning material for active and self-guided learning by allocating slides that can be interactively microscopied. - Modular technical concept allowing for the reuse of the contents in different contexts and for a cost-saving support independent of technical experts. - Integration of PathoPedia slides in already existing award winning course modules at all levels of education.

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