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BiotechLAB – Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems – A Collection of Applied Examples

University of Applied Science Zurich (ZFH), Waedenswil (Project Leader); Department of Chemical Engineering, ETHZ; Institute of Biotechnology, ETHZ; University of Applied Sciences Zurich, HSZ-T; Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), Duebendorf; Biozentrum, University of Basle; University of Applied Sciences Sion.

Most real processes can be simulated. As many students find it difficult to understand mathematical representations of processes, biotechLAB facilitates a simple and more pragmatic approach to the modelling of dynamic systems.

The eLearning environment accompanies face-to-face classes. For the main part, it consists of case studies focusing on biotechnological processes, which are based on data from real experiments conducted by students or teachers. The included simulation exercises make it easier for students to understand the connections between observed phenomena (reality) and their mathematical representations (models). In addition, they allow students to carry out virtual experiments and exploit the different levels of model creation.

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