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Project outline
  Objective Earth, a Planet to Discover

Lausanne University (Project Leader),
Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Berne Universities,
CSIRO Australia, CTAI, Grandevent,
LaLuna, Lausanne

Earth science is a field particularly suited to the use of information and communication technologies. From a teaching standpoint, there is probably no better way to explain plate tectonics than to show the movement of continents on a screen.

The Objective Earth e-course is targeted at students of geology, geography and biology as well as engineers and school teachers. It consists of various modules, the first of which gives an explanation of technical terms. This is followed by: Earth as a Planet; Structure; Plate Tectonics; Geology of the Alps; and Natural Resources.

Each module contains sections with theoretical instruction, a bibliography, exercises, corrections and self-assessment tests. The course aims to bring students who have completed different kinds of basic studies up to the same level.

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