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Project outline
  Online Course in Scientific and Forensic Photography

Lausanne University (Project Leader)
EPF Lausanne
Basle University
Arc University of Applied Sciences St. Imier

The aim of the project is to develop a course in applied scientific and forensic photography in which the forensic sciences are used as the primary source of communication. Placing the forensic sciences at the heart of the project means that a multi-disciplinary approach can be used to address a vast number of photographic questions.

This outline is intended to provide an overview of the course's principal characteristics covering the BSc and MSc levels. These levels represent two development phases (3 and 4). The attached funding application only covers the costs incurred for phase 3, but a further proposal for phase 4 may also be submitted. Phase 3 will lead to the development of an online scientific and forensic photography course covering various modules that focus on specific but complementary aspects.

Completion of all modules in this BSc-level course will be worth 15 ECTS credits.

Overview "Law, Criminology"
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