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Corporate Finance

Project ID: 991021
Project outline
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Course platform:WebCT or proprietary development
Technical concepts:Flash-based interactions and simulations. Many self-tests are implemented as Excel-sheets.

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Volkart
Swiss Banking Institute
Universität Zürich
Plattenstrasse 14
8032 Zürich

Project Coordinator

Dr. Peter Lautenschlager
Universität Zürich

Project Partners

ABB Switzerland
Business Partner
H. Hürzeler
Swiss Banking School
W. Hess
Treuhandkammer Schweiz
Prof. Dr. A. Mettler
Georgia State University (USA)
Prof. Dr. Martin Wallmeier
Université de Fribourg
Prof. Dr. Ch. Lengwiler
HSW Luzern
Business Partner
Business Partner


Our project "Virtual Campus 'Corporate Finance'" shall generate a number of Internet applications allowing virtual studies in Corporate Finance (CF). The product design will offer a comprehensive framework of CF at an undergraduate (Framework U) and graduate level (Framework G). Framework U is entirely Internet based, without any need for further materials (books, etc.). This framework aims at undergraduate level (Universities) and at diploma level (Universities of Applied Sciences). The project concept will be capable of adjusting to the respective educational interests of the different participants. The aim of the partners is to replace the traditional lectures / classes environment with a virtual one.

Furthermore, our project shall deliver Framework G for advanced, graduate purposes. This framework will combine traditional and new media to pass on subject matters and extend the students' knowledge. To link modules U and G in the best way possible, the structures of the two modules will be designed along the new book "Corporate Finance". This book will be published in autumn 2000 by the Swiss Banking Institute and represents an advanced text in Corporate Finance both in terms of content and didactics.

The project deliberately encourages the simultaneous use of traditional and new media to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the virtual learning environment "Corporate Finance". Thus, the frameworks will offer problem presentations, video clips illustrating important topics, examples, finance quizzes and test modules allowing to receive university accepted credit points on both, undergraduate and graduate level.

Given the multilingual state of the project partners, it is planned to develop the two frameworks U and G in three languages. The development of a German version has priority, but the English and French versions will soon follow.

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