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Experimental TEchniques: MAterials and Structures

Project ID: 4025

Project Leader

Prof. Ezio Cadoni
Via Trevano, B.O. 105
6928 Manno

Project Coordinator

Project Partners

Prof. René Suter
Prof. Andrea Bernasconi
Prof. Massimo Laffranchi
Accademia di architettura, Università della Svizzera Italiana


The project Experimental techniques: materials and structures (TEMAS) consists in the creation of a repository of learning objects in which the experimental techniques and the practical exercise are thoroughly described, as well as the application of theory like tests carried out for the determination of the mechanical characteristics of the materials and the structures. The database can continually be extended by the experiences realized in the different laboratories of the Swiss or international universities. Each single learning object can integrally be used or the teacher can choose mixed system consisting in a theoretical part and in an experimental part in which the material of the database can be employed directly. The repository will allow to clearly show the experimental part with the audio-video material otherwise impossible without a support of a laboratory. The main approach of TEMAS is providing tools for case-based teaching and learning, reinforcing direct experience, and enhancing learning by seeing. - Understanding the basic concepts of mechanical characterization of structures and materials. - Becoming familiar with the procedures and tools used to perform structural tests. This will be addressed by providing the students to see these tests in an online documentary form, with pictures, text and audiovisual materials. - Managing the references and understanding Swiss and European norms concerning structural tests, as a professional skill.

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