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Online courses : Economics, Political Science


Corporate Finance 991021
Applications for the acquisition of virtual modules in financial policy. No books necessary. Course aim: no more frontal teaching.

E-MHEM 3070
Modules for management courses in the healthcare sector. Includes a platform with cases, problems and solutions.

ESO 4053

Financial Markets 991025
An introduction to financial markets. Led by top-flight specialists

Market Research Interactive 3078
Getting to grips with market research. Methods of data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. With practical examples.

Marketing Online 200138
Marketing basics and strategy. A hypermedia pool, which students can use in accordance with their level of knowledge.

Oecotrophology 200132
Gain additional qualifications in home economics while continuing to work. Study when and where you like.

Tricks of the Trade 3017
The goal of this project is to develop a blended-learning course that teaches the students the tricks of the trade, the basic knowledge on methodology and the skills for scientific working, in order to prepare them for solving practical problems on a qualitatively high level. The course should respect didactical methods that are problem-based and that effectively make use of e-learning. Furthermore, the course should be aligned with the requirements relevant for a bachelor and a master degree level respectively.
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