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Web Based Course Tools:
Introduction, Features and Experiences

Background The development of web-based courses can be greatly simplified if specific software tools (also called "integrated learning environments") are used. They provide functions like authoring of course content and curricula, the evaluation of the student's learning progress, the administration of students and many more.

Aim The aim of the two workshops is to help you get an idea of how these tools work and what you can do with them. In each workshop one widely used tool will be presented by showing its functionality and some practical experiences.

The target audience is primarily potential partners in the Swiss Virtual Campus, and anybody who is interested in Web Based Course tools.


No formal registration is required. However, in order to offer you an optimal organization, you are kindly requested to send an email to Rolf Brugger if you plan to attend a workshop.

The workshops are free of any charges.


The workshops are held at the University of Fribourg, in the Regina Mundi building, rue Faucigny 2, Room S-0.111.

From the train station take the bus 1 in direction Pérolles. Exit at bus stop Gachoud.

Click here for a detailed map.

22. October 1999: ARIADNE Workshop

28. October 1999: WebCT and TopClass Workshop

  • Workshop announcement
  • Web-Course Authoring Tools - A Brief Overview, by Thomas Piendl:
    Slides of the presentation.
  • Teaching economics with TopClass: some experiences, by Simon Wieser:
    Slides of the presentation.

Disclaimer: The ARIADNE, TopClass and WebCT systems have only been chosen as examples; they are not necessarily the recommended or endorsed tools for Swiss Virtual Campus projects.

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