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Experiences with SVC projects
A web based course in medical Embryology:"Well thought out"
Nils Corson

(Cont. 2, Nils Corson)

Integration into teaching
"There was an introduction to web-based training with questionnaires to complete before and after the course. We dealt with the subject for about three or four months. Two hours a week were set aside for self-study on the Net, and we had a lecture in addition. This was usually a summary of the subject-matter we were expected to work with on screen. Then, twice a week, we were able to put questions to the professor and the head of the Fribourg Histological Institute in a chat session. The chat was held in two languages, sometimes even three, since the head of the Histological Institute also speaks Italian. There was also a forum where we could put down questions, which were answered by the professor, outside experts or fellow-students in one or two days. In our class, which numbered 120 students to begin with, there soon emerged a hard core of about 15 forum visitors. People who couldn’t face the forum had the opportunity to send an email to the professor personally.”

Study context

Overviev Experiences
Project outline Embryology
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